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Wednesday, July 24

Posted by paddle4kins on July 26, 2013 at 3:30 PM

Today was a special day! Brock said that the wind was blowing WITH them for only the third day ever! YAHOO!! It was still super super hot, though. Up here in "north country" we are enjoying 70 degree days right now, but the southern states are sweltering in 90-100 degrees!! Brock and Dan made it 55 miles and stopped in Baton Rouge at about 5:30 today.

There they were met by Tommy, who is, Brock said, a "friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend!" Now that is pretty awesome work, everyone! So here is the breakdown... Brock's parents are friends with Kim Martin, who is friends with Machelle Williams, who is friends with Elizabeth, whose dad is Will, who has a friend, Tommy, in Baton Rouge. That is amazing! Thank you so much to all of you who helped set all of these people up with Brock and Dan!

Anyway, Brock, Dan and the kayaks were picked up by Tommy in Baton Rouge. He brought the guys to his house where they were able to take a shower and wash their clothes. Tommy also cleaned up their kayaks and filled up their water bottles. After that, Tommy showed Brock and Dan around Baton Rouge. Brock especially enjoyed seeing the LSU campus and Tiger Stadium! Thank you, Tommy for taking such good care of the boys!

While all of this was going on, Brock's parents, Dan and Juanita, were slowly making their way towards Baton Rouge! They left at noon yesterday (Tuesday) and drove 585 miles to Hannibal, Missouri. Then they got back in the car early this morning and drove almost 800 miles to Baton Rouge! Wow! As they pulled into Baton Rouge that night around 7:30, Brock's mom said: "Like Brock always says, 'It's what we do for Paddle 4 Kins!'" That night Dan and Juanita took Brock, Dan, Tommy and his son, Warren, out to eat in Baton Rouge.

Hard to believe there's only two days left on the Paddle 4 Kins trail! 

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